Welcome to the
NYC Tennis League


Excitement is building for the 6th Annual
End of the Year Tourney*

3 Ways to Qualify:
(1) Players who have won their respective season playoffs in Fall 2013 or 2014.
(2) Any player that has played 30 league matches in 2014.
(3) Players who attended any of the past tournaments.

Long Weekend Program:
• Friday 10-1PM: 1st set of matches for early arrivers (You play 2 10-game pro set matches)
• Friday no later than 4PM: The latest a player can start their two Friday matches.
• We have lighted courts so matches will go into the evening this year.
• Saturday Morning: Mini-Division matches will continue (You play ANOTHER 2 10-game pro set matches)
• Saturday Day: League sponsored Lunch
• Saturday Dinner: We will go out to a cool restaurant in the Coco Walk.
• Tournament Sunday: For the qualifiers there will be a single elimination tourney
A couple of the Championship matches will be played on Center Court!
Skill Levels:
Men's: Elite 4.5, Advanced 4.0, Competitive 3.5, Competitive 3.25 (Depending on Enrollment Numbers), Skilled 2.5-3.0

Tournament Format:
The event will be run primarily on Hard courts, but our agreement with Crandon could include some clay courts. Players will be grouped in mini-divisions of 5 to 8 players. A round-robin will be played using an 10 pro set format (First to win 10 games). We reserve the right to move it to 8-game pro sets depending on the temperatures. The top performers from Friday and Saturday matches will qualify for championship Sunday and the single elimination tourney. *Winners will be crowned East Coast national champions.

The entry fee will be reduced from last year, $55 for Champions and max cost of $79 for Non-Champions. If we can get a sponsor or two to help cover the costs we will decrease the entry fee. This entry fee will cover courts, staff, balls and Sat lunch. There will be an addition cost of $20 for shuttle service back and forth to the hotel. Every year we try to get a really good hotel deal, if you room with someone it will reduce the hotel cost.

We will again guarantee prizes for the 2014 tourney. Current projections are $150 gift card to the Winners (We're tempted to got $200 GC's for 2014) and $50 gift card to the division runner-ups. It can be influenced by any sponsors that come on board.

Travel Arrangements:
Travel arrangements will be covered by the players not by Tennis League Network, LLC.

The hard DEADLINE to make sure we get you into the Tournament is Friday, Oct. 25th.

Ultimate Goal:
The tennis should be quite exciting, the players should be amp'd up for the tourney.

Hotel for Out-of-Towners: Hotel Urbano
Our deal has expired with Hotel Urbano, but you can try to call them to get a good rate. Hotel Urbano

Past Sponsors
Cliff_barDole logo
2014 End of the Year Tourney Winners
Crandon Park Tennis Center, Oct. 31st to Nov. 2nd, 2014
2013 End of the Year Tourney Winners
Crandon Park Tennis Center, Nov. 1st - Nov. 3rd, 2013
2012 National Champions
Crandon Park Tennis Center, Nov. 2nd to 4th, 2012
2011 National Champions
Crandon Park Tennis Center, Nov. 4th to 6th, 2011
2010 National Champions
Crandon Park Tennis Center, Nov. 5th to 7th, 2010
2009 National Champions
Crandon Park Tennis Center, Nov. 6th to 8th, 2009
Current Qualifiers - Congratulations!

2013 Participants

Andrew Rohlfs, Austin
Steven Chagnon, Boston
Ivan Loukovnikov (Champion), Boston
Gabriele Muse (Champion), Boston
Rory Pheiffer, Boston
Sanjay Ray, Cincy
Vipul Chawla (Champion), DC
Arul Josely, DC
Kevin McCoy, DC
Lupe Perez, DC
Brian Beno, Ft. Lauderdale
Sean Conway, Ft. Lauderdale
John Hernandez, Ft. Lauderdale
Robert Macaluso, Ft. Lauderdale
Barry Sauer, Ft. Lauderdale
Thomas Trotter, Ft. Lauderdale
Brian Czerniak, LA
Bob Nazy, LA
Mariano Copello, Miami
Robert Duran, Miami
Ram Gopal*, Miami
Carlos Hernandez, Miami
Nestor Machado, Miami
Alejandro Noyola, Miami
Eli Panell (Champion), Miami
David Rodriguez, Miami
Robert Shearer, Miami
Predrag Starcevic, Miami
Hans Felten, Minneapolis
Loren Cargile, OC
Ajay Patel, OC
Ricardo Collazo, Orlando
Norbert Pukeca, Orlando
Matt Salamon, Orlando
Jeff Barr, Philly
Brian Calhoun, Philly
Tony Graziano, Philly
Sid Prabhakar, Philly
Ahmad Yazdi, Phoenix
Cory Caouette*, San Jose
Darrel Belvin, Seattle
Brandon Hall, St. Louis
Nick Flanscha , St. Louis



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